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David Salant - Co-Founder

Dr. David Salant is a leading expert on auctions and game theory.  Dr. Salant has advised government agencies in numerous countries on the design and implementation of spectrum auctions and allocation procedures. His consulting experience includes auction theory and strategic analysis for clients in spectrum auctions, such as the US Federal Communications Commission, for testing new package bidding procedures, Industry Canada and the Australian ACA for their first spectrum auctions.  Dr. Salant has also led or helped guide bid strategy teams for numerous US FCC auctions, including virtually all the 2G, AWS and 700 MHz auctions, for the German and Austrian 3G auctions, the Netherlands 2G and 3G auctions, for the German 4G auction, for the Indian 3G auction, for a number of Mexican 2G and 3G auctions, for the Brazilian privatization of Telebras and the auctioning of mirror concessions, and the Australian 2G and 3G auctions among others.  He designed and implemented the first spectrum auction for paging licenses for the Mexican Ministry of Communications and for trunk radio frequencies for the Guatemalan Superintendent of Telecommunications.  Dr. Salant also led the team that developed auction software adopted by the Italian Ministero della Comunicazioni, Industry Canada, the Mexican Ministry of Communications and Transport, and the Guatemalan Superintendent of Telecommunications.

Dr. Salant's experience in the energy sector includes serving as Auction Manager for Northwestern Energy default service procurement and he served as the Auction Monitor in the Illinois default service procurement auction.  Dr. Salant has advised on design of capacity markets, transmission rights auctions and Renewable Energy Certificate auctions.  He had primary responsibility for the design of the initial New Jersey BGS auction on behalf of the PSE&G, First Energy/JCP&L, Conectiv and RECO.    He has also had a key role in the auction design of the Texas, ERCOT auction of capacity entitlements on behalf AEP, Reliant and TXU.  Dr. Salan'st bid strategy experience in the energy sector includes advising a bidder in a MISO/PJM energy procurement and he has advised EPCOR in the Alberta PPA auctions, the Alberta Balancing Pool for their MAP auctions and the DTe of the Netherlands on interconnector capacity auctions.

Dr. Salant teaches Auction Design, Strategy and Implementation course at the Toulouse School of Economics.  He is also an Adjunct Senior Research Scholar at Columbia's Institute for Tele Information. He holds degrees in Economics and and Mathematics from Washington University (AB) and Economics from the University of Rochester (Phd).


Georgina Martinez - Director

Georgina Martinez has advised on wireless business models, telecommunications regulation, and spectrum auctions for over 10 years.  Ms. Martinez has provided advisory services on auction design and competitive bidding primarily for the telecommunications and energy industries. In the telecommunications mobile sector, Ms. Martinez has served as advisor on bidding strategy and license valuation to buyers participating in spectrum auctions in Australia, Austria, Canada, Colombia, Italy, Mexico, Switzerland, the UK, and the FCC Auctions in the US. On the sellers’ side, she has provided consultancy services to several governmental agencies with respect to design and implementation of their auctions for the sale of spectrum licenses. Ms. Martinez has conducted research and advised on regulatory matters related wireless regulation in the US and Mexico.


Joe Fendel - Director

Joe Fendel has provided technology services for telecom autcions in the US, Canada, Australia, Germany, UK, Austria, and Denmark. Software developed by Mr. Fendel has been used by clients around the world to prepare for the complexities of these auctions, simulate results, develop bidding strategies, and to perform mid-auction evaluations and adjust these strategies in real-time.  Mr. Fendel has degrees in Mathematics from Harvard (AB with highest honors) and the University of California at Berkeley (MA with concentration in number theory and combinatorial game theory).



Kristina Sepetys - Director

Kristina Sepetys has assisted clients in the US and overseas, including corporations, start ups, public utilities, government agencies, non-profits, and law firms. Areas of focus have included business planning and development, marketing, project management, litigation support, regulation and public policy development and implementation, particularly related to resource management. Ms. Sepetys has published books and many articles on related topics in journals, magazines, newspapers, and trade publications, including the Journal of Environmental Law and Practice, the LA Business Journal, The Electricity Journal, Public Utilities Fortnightly, and others. She has degrees in Government and Religion from Smith College (AB with high honors) and Political Economy from the University of Southern California (Phd coursework).



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