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Auction Solutions

For clients that have clearly identifiable auction needs, Auction Technologies offers a fast time to market approach with packages of services, software, documentation and reports.  Our configurable components are tailored to fit the unique characteristics of different clients, industries and business processes to provide the benefits of a built-from-scratch offering.

What differentiates our approach from that of other auction providers is our deep experience, proven processes and our advanced technologies.  Our theory-to-practice innovations provide superior outcomes, and our patented auction software platforms are the most robust and sophisticated available.  Auction Technologies experts have run hundreds of auctions and have empirically demonstrated which methods, both direct and subtle, generate the best results.


Our bundle of auction components can include:

Requirements Gathering and Component Selection – We work with clients to understand their unique needs.  We then select the proper auction type and all necessary components to ensure the best achievable outcome.

Branded Website – Respecting the strict integrity of our client’s brand, our team creates and hosts a branded portal to provide information and manage auctioneer-bidder interactions.

Highly Configurable Auction Rules – We configure our auction rules and processes to fit specific client needs and accepted industry practices

Bidder Applications and Participant Agreements – We work with clients to develop appropriate application policies and procedures, and can assist in indentifying new and attractive bidders.

Bidder Orientation and Training, Auction Support – Our experience has proved that better bidder participation results in better auctions.  We carefully train bidders to understand bidding mechanics and rules so that they embrace the auction process and understand that the outcome is fair.

Auction Software – Auction Technologies provides different types of auction technologies to satisfy different client needs.  Our hosted platforms accommodate buying, selling, swaps, and buyer-seller exchanges.  We specialize in providing transparency, and can manage any volume of assets.

Results Reports and Audit Capabilities – Following each of our auctions, we provide a report of all activity and an analysis of results. We are accustomed to working under the scrutiny of stakeholders or regulators and our processes provide full audit capabilities.




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