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A Primer on Auction Design, Management, and Strategy, David Salant (MIT Press, 2014)

"Abuse of Dominance and Licensing of Intellectual Property," Patrick Rey and David Salant

"Evolving Technologies and Standards Regulation," Luis Cabral and David Salant

"Public Policies towards Standard Setting Bodies," David Salant and Paul Seabright

"Formulas for Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory Royalty Determination," David Salant

Opinion Article on La Tribune, David Salant

"Droits de Propriété industrielle dans les TIC," David Salant

"Auctions for Transmission Capacity Rights: The Empire Connection Experience," David Salant (The Electricity Journal, Jan/Feb 2005)

"On the Role of the Single Buyer - Acquirente Unico (AU)," David Salant (2003)

"Auctions and Regulation: Reengineering of Regulatory Mechanisms" David Salant (Journal of Regulatory Economics, 2000)

"Adoptions and Orphans in the Early Microcomputer Market," Neil Gandal, Shane Greenstein, David Salant (Journal of Industrial Economics, 1999)

"Up in the Air: GTE's Experience in the MTA Auction for Personal Communications Services Licenses," David Salant (Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, Fall 1997)

"Hollygopoly: Oligopolistic Competition for (Hollywood) Movies," Neil Gandal and David Salant (The Antitrust Bulletin, Fall 1995)

"Price Setting in Professional Team Sports," David Salant



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